FAUST x XEME “Intersection” at J-01 Gallery Recap

Language has long surpassed the confinements as a system of communication, rather, acting as a form of visual expression.

In this light, we curated "INTERSECTION" last month, which took place during Art Basel Week Hong Kong. Melding the East and West in a celebration of diversity, New York's FAUST and Hong Kong's XEME brought together classic calligraphy and contemporary graffiti.

In the realm of good penmanship and typography, FAUST takes the crown. Synonymous with smooth signature techniques, the New York writer's work can be found on miniature mail stickers to oversized wall-hugging script tags. His counterpart XEME is the fragrant harbour's graffiti patron, a pioneer of bombing in Chinese characters, and a name you'll find sprawled across the booming city, from lampposts to sidewalls.

"INTERSECTION" displayed 10 monochromatic pieces, igniting a new discourse to art.

The event also celebrated the launch of J-01’s Gallery space, our new platform pivoted by art, footwear, and innovations in street culture.

The event was DJed by Dre Dogue of Dogue & Altaire, Mei Foo’s Finest of OKOKOK, and the YETI OUT DJs. Cocktails and drinks were made by Xaman from a selection of Tequila Avion.

Check out the recap video above as XEME breaks down the aesthetic behind his first collaborative show with FAUST.

Produced and curated by YETI OUT.

Filmed and directed by Emotion Features.

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