In the 17th century, the French Salon was a place that marked a turning point for the appreciation of art – a place where artists began responding to a public audience rather than smug royals. The mounting of semi-public exhibitions from graduates and young artists of different styles, jumbled next to and atop of one another, created a different visual communication – one free from genre or etiquette. Breaking the habitual format of ornate decorating, this dramatic hang-style collage goes to show the impact of what happens when strangers unite.

Here in Hong Kong, cluttered humans replace cluttered frames, and “brushing shoulders” is an inevitable motion between 9-5ers hurrying to work – rather than a social euphemism. Nonetheless, creativity is rife in the various pockets of this manic city.

Young Salon gathers the individuals that shape this city's creative pulse, congregating otherwise scurried strangers and replacing cramped MTR journeys and tram sandwiches with adjacent artworks on a joint wall of expression.

Curated by locals, for locals, the show brings together artists with disciplines in screenprintng, photography, calligraphy, graffiti, illustrations, web-art, and more. We are featuring artworks from local young artists – Christopher Lim, Dustin Holmes, Simky Cheung, Mooncasket, Lousy Jon, Kidney Chung, Amy Mariat, Jerry Wong, Nirvana, Xeme, Rover To, and Ross Turpin. This is what goes on from 5 – 9.

Get the low down on some of our artists and their backgrounds here:


As a Hong Kong-based graffiti artist, Xeme started painting graffiti in 2001 and since then, his works is primarily dedicated to letters and shapes. Coming from a city where graffiti barely existed, Xeme had to force himself to push the boundaries and be creative. Fascinated by Chinese culture, Xeme always adds Chinese elements into his work. At the same time, whether in method, style, or medium, Xeme tries to break conservative rules by mixing traditional and contemporary art together.


Amy Mariat is an artist, designer, mural artist, and illustrator who is currently based in Hong Kong. Born in Australia, growing up in Hong Kong, and going to school in the UK, Amy has always been inspired by different cultures around her – hence, her mix of Western contemporary and traditional Asian styles. Her body of work covers basic graphic design, illustrations, product design and development, live art, mural painting, and visual merchandising.


Mooncasket is a Hong Kong-based illustrator. She has designed artwork for the House of Vans Asia tour 2015. Mooncasket delivers art to the more humble, young, fun people of Hong Kong.


As a Hong Kong-based artist, Lousy Jon draws on everything. Steeped in the game of rhythm and strokes, he mixes dance and beats into his work.


Ross Turpin was born in South Africa and currently resides in Hong Kong. He creates images layered with control, fear, and uncertainty, but he also finds himself constantly celebrating the beauty, diversity, and mystery of Africa.


Simky Cheung is a Hong Kong-based photographer, currently shooting for HYPEBEAST, with a profile that spans from CAMPER, to adidas, to Dior, and more.

Come through and enjoy Young Salon with live painting tomorrow from 7 – 9pm, with live music and chilled beer!

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