A few days ago, we saw pop icon and Canadian self-proclaimed bad boy Justin Bieber collaborate with cutting-edge NYC-based runway brand VFILES, to launch a ‘Purpose’ pop-up shop in celebration of his latest album tour. But this isn’t the first time that 12 Mercer Street, VFILES’ SoHo HQ, has hosted special collaborations and pop-ups with leading international artists, bridging the gaps between fashion, music, and design. Just this past February, South Korean trap maestro and head honcho of the Underwater Squad, Keith Ape, stormed the VFILES New York Fashion Week runway for a surprise performance.

VFILES’ aesthetic is unmistakably sports-inspired, but it is exactly this that makes the brand a universal success. VFILES began as a small fashion-focused social media platform targeted mostly to millennials, and grew to become an eponymous brand and retailer. Since 2012, VFILES has been creating comfortable and movable, yet imminently stylish, collections featuring basic items like hoodies, legging, and bombers jackets, with a unique and distinct streetwear-inspired twist. And since day one, VFILES has gathered a music following from the likes of Rihanna and Justin Bieber, and more recently, celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner.

The VFILES x Justin Bieber ‘Purpose’ collaboration features VFILES’ already established aesthetic and concept, with targeted branding and typography to reflect Bieber and his latest album. They even stuck to the classic VFILES long-sleeve tee and hoodie look, featuring recurring colourways such as bright, warm oranges and yellows. The line and its two-day pop-up came just in time to hype up Bieber’s Brooklyn concert at the Barclay’s Center last week.

In a truly streetwear fashion, resembling that of Supreme, the collaboration featured a number of limited edition, specially designed pieces. If that’s not enough to prove streetwear-level exclusivity, VFILES and Bieber fans alike lined up down Mercer Street, were only let in 20 people at a time, and could only purchase one of each piece.

Up there with streetwear and sportswear brands revolutionizing the fashion world by taking over global runways (see: VETEMENTS) VFILES and their 12 Mercer Street headquarters definitely have a promising global future ahead of them.

VFILES is available exclusively at D-mop in Hong Kong.

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