There is a new trend in the fashion world. This trend is identifying and defining fashion it boys and it girls in the most unsuspecting of geographical locations. In fact, it’s always interesting to explore and expose how contemporary fashion is able to transcend physical boundaries. Of late, it’s become as if people in lower-key countries with less exposure to the mainstream world of high fashion are becoming revolutionarily stylish in a way that Americans or Brits could never match up to.

Let’s take Tbilisi, Georgia, as an example. To the naked eye, Tbilisi is looked at as an old post-Soviet town, distinctly Eastern European, and partisan to the Eastern Orthodox Church. However, many fashion it girls and models have been coming out of the Georgian capital over the past few years. Just a few days ago, VOGUE published an article on Nini Nebieridze, apparently “The Most Stylish Girl in Tbilisi.” The 20-year old Georgian model is said to be childish and youthful in her ways, but is described as having one of the best wardrobes Georgia has to offer. VOGUE dubbed her an “it girl,” and highlighted that she’s one of the most sought after models in the entire country. Her braces, her curls, her tattoos, and her effortless cool give her a quirky edge, letting her pull off any bold fashion choice.

Her closet is said to be full of Martin Margiela and MM6 pieces, and the article itself profiles her wearing anything from metallic crocodile waist-hugging pants by Loewe to a denim Acne Studios skirt. The streetwear element is also key – she rocks patterned Vetements boots and neon Supreme tops. Although she’s pieced together a collection from all of today’s “in” designers, it’s her eye and the way she slings them together that makes Nini particularly unique. She almost makes her pieces look thrift, in the best possible way. Nini told VOGUE that, in Georgia, clothes are often bought by the kilogram, which helps her piece her designer treasures with thrift shop steals. She then puts the ensemble together in a way that looks effortlessly cool and smolderingly high fashion.

Today, many designers and fashionistas draw a great deal of influence from post-Soviet, Eastern European aesthetics. Think of Gosha Rubchinskiy’s latest designs and the craze for Russian-inspired tees and caps, or think of the return of the classic “slav tracksuit.” There’s something about pairing the bleak and raw history of that pocket of the world with the glamour generally associated with the fashion industry, and creating a wonderful constellation between the two.

But Nini Nebieridze is just one example of a fashion “it girl” in an unsuspecting locality. The more we travel, the more we are exposed to people like her, who are able to use their own culture to put a spin on today’s contemporary fashion trends.

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Source: VOGUE

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