If you haven’t already heard about Tommy Genesis, it’s about time you read up on her. Widely acknowledged as Atlanta rapper, Father’s, prodigy, Genesis signed to Awful Records back in 2010. Since then, Vancouver native Genesis has been closely followed by the likes of Dazed & Confused, HYPEBEAST, and HYPETRAK, among others. A self-proclaimed fetish rapper and art hoe, the world’s leading digital style outlets are now trying to establish her as a fashion icon as well. A few weeks ago, the young Genesis shared her new single, cheekily titled “They Cum They Go,” and announced her first Europe tour. HYPETRAK was the first to cover the single drop and the tour announcement, and just a week before, Dazed & Confused featured Tommy Genesis in an editorial and exclusive interview for their prestigious SS16 print issue.

In the Dazed & Confused editorial, her hair is styled like a lion’s mane and she’s clad head-to-toe in Diesel, but she maintained her signature, somewhat ratchet, nail art. Through and through, Tommy Genesis’ aesthetic is unmistakable – from her signature crop tops, to her high-waisted schoolgirl skirts, to her untamed, ombré hair. She’s openly claimed that she embraces sexuality in her work, and that it certainly affects her look. At the same time, however, she’s also a self-proclaimed tomboy.

She actually acquired the name “Tommy” because of her tomboyish nature – the “Tommy” in her name came much later than the “Genesis.” Genesis is also a nod to fellow rapper Tommy Wright III’s 2010 album, Genesis, which she’s listed as a key influence of hers. On DAZED, she boldly shared that her favourite things consist of “smoking weed, cuddling cute girls, and making music for a new generation of Internet kids.” She’s effectively one of the DIY, viral culture artists currently on the rise, but even admitted that this phase was a recent one for her, and came about with the recent cult Internet movement.

One year ago, Tommy Genesis released her first full-length album, World Vision, and she’s now working up to her follow-up full-length album, World Vision 2. Her hazy track, “They Cum They Go,” is meant to be a lead single for her follow-up LP. Her track is produced by Nguzunguzu’s NA, and the single’s cover art says it all. Tommy stands with an unfazed demeanour, wearing a cropped sweatshirt that reads: “Porn Addict.”

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