Samuel Ross of A-Cold-Wall has launched a myriad of projects including Concrete Objects. A collaboration between designer, Jobe Burns the focus is on translating ideas into items with everyday practicality. Head over to Hypebeast to check out the behind the scenes video of the making of Concrete Objects.

"Concrete Objects is a collaborative project between the two of us combining both opinions and preferences through conversations in person, which in turn result into products. We’re working through the traditional process of putting pen to paper and taking time to revise designs, releasing when they’re ready as opposed to through a strict algorithm — than just primarily homewares cast from concrete, also utilising copper & iron.

Both of us have come through studious routes in design, which makes it a lot easier when it comes to getting ideas across.

The material choices are a no-brainer in regards to our own personal taste — think Le Corbusier, Charles & Ray, Picasso’s Cubist period which utilised a lot of neutral earthy tones."

Source: Hypebeast