Last week in Milano, Gucci essentially knocked off its own work.

Dazed & Confused argued that Gucci stole the show last SS17 men’s fashion week, in a show that spoke volumes about the technical abilities and street-ready appeal that the Italian luxury house actually has. Alessandro Michele, the brand’s latest creative director, listed mythical monsters, imaginary motifs, and both real and imaginary travel, as main influences for the collection.

Arguably, the winning aspect of the collection was the plain white Gucci tee, signature original red and green striped logo and all, that looked like a fake. But at the same time, the shirt was utterly 'street.' With the more street-ready pieces, Michele was able to bridge the gap between more imaginative high fashion and edgier, easy-to-wear, street apparel.

“I know that my languages (can be) always the same. But it’s like a mantra for me, it’s the way I live.” – Alessandro Michele.

Source: DAZED

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