Andrea Crews’ SS17 “Work in Progress” show is now available to stream, in its entirety, online. Inherently French, the show reflects a sort of worker’s strike (we know how much the French love strikes and protests), and music by the much-loved French musician and director, Woodkid. The creative direction for the show was done by designers Maroussia Rebecq and Anji Dinh Van, with styling by Niki Pauls. Through and through, the collection and its ode to workers was hailed as one of the week’s best presentations. Especially because the label’s creative directors were able to take ordinary worker’s outfits and refigure them into beautiful pieces of art, with bright hues of orange and blue. Presented at the beautiful Maison de Métallos in Paris’ 11e arrondissement, a columned, white space, often used for artistic expressions, Andrea Crews’ apparel was able to pop against a subtle background.

Andrea Crews is available at select retailers worldwide, including Colette in Paris, Luisa Via Roma in Florence, and D-mop in Hong Kong.

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